At Zwick Photography we strive to create and capture memories as they pass by. We believe that every moment is a potential memory and they all deserve to be preserved and cherished. We want to be the ones to provide you with that priceless and timeless memory. 

We are a small team based out of Coral Springs, Florida; unified with the common goal of promoting creativity and providing everyone with a memory they can look at forever.

Our Story

Some could say Joshua was influenced by photography for his entire life, being that both of his parents were hobby photographers and his uncle is a retired professional photographer.

"I remember when I picked up my first real camera; I believe it was a Coolpix by Nikon. My parents let me use it on our trip to Disney World. They were both stunned at how quickly I picked up on the functions and the quality of photos I was producing at a mere eight years old. In high school was when I decided to take my interest in photography to the next level and I acquired my first DLSR: a Nikon D3300. After that moment I progressed and grew as a person and a photographer; and I still continue to grow as both" 
- Joshua Zwick of Zwick Photography

Zwick photography is dedicated to our clients. We truly believe in capturing memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you believe in what we promote and want to help out. The best way is to donate so that we can keep our practice going.