PROJECT: Paint Brush

The goal of this project is to use the human body along with the application of a simple paint brush to make a stunning set of body portraits. The portraits will be in black and white with the only color being where the brush would have been dragged across your skin. This project is considered to be a partially nude shoot for purposes of creating a set of pieces of art. This project is open to bottom guys and girls. Location is still to be determined for this project. The application for this project is at the bottom of the page.

*Important Notes*

  • This project is still selecting models and finalizing on a location.
  • There is no monetary compensation for participating in this project.
  • Also fill out a General-Purpose Model form 


  • Transportation 
  • Comfortable with their own body 

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Why do we ask you to link your Instagram? It's so we can get a better idea of who we would be working with. Along with what other types of shoots would fit your style. (If you don't use Instagram link a different social media of yours or a google drive folder with a portfolio of yourself)